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California Coastal Patrol has now implemented a new parking software. This software will allow you to register your permanent and guest vehicles. Please click the button below to access your account. Please note if you are a new user  please click the text below to sign up and or give us a call so we can setup your account.
This will enable us to give a easier alternative way to residents to safe list, as well as a effective communication tool between us, the property management team, and you!





  • Invalid or Incorrectly entered safe list request will not be honored and as such will be subject to citation and/or towing, plus possible withdrawal of all future safe listing privileges.

  • Safe Listing your vehicle does not guarantee a parking space.

  • Safe Listing your vehicle does not give you the right to store your vehicle. If you plan to store your vehicle, please contact your management company for a special Safe List.

  • Safe Listing your vehicle does not prevent it from being towed if not parked in a designated legal space.

  • Some associations do not allow parking or Safe Listing of commercial or recreational vehicles to be Safe Listed.

  • Towing might occur, even if Safe Listed.

  • Some associations do not allow Safe Listing of resident vehicles and direct them to check their association rules for further information.


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